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03/18 - 2022 Makerthon Seminar

This year's Mackerthon, used United Nations as 2022 Mackerthon Competition cited the third item "Health and Well-being" of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals planned in the United Nations' "Turning Our World: 2030 Sustainable Development Policy" as the theme of the competition to handle "2022 Mackerthon" : Technical Vocational Cup National Competition”, guides students to creative ideas, social design and prototype implementation based on their 9 tracking indicators.

The competition is divided into two stages: "North, Central, and South Division Competition" and "National Competition", and is combined with the "Ice Breaking Team and Practice" course handled by each division, so that participating teams or individuals can form in the process of Maker Exchange. New team, and simulate the real competition situation before the game.

For furher  information, please perss link below: https://www.makerthon.nkust.edu.tw/bin/home.php



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